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John Cage and the visual aspects of musical performance In Water Walk , the traditional elements of music—things like rhythm, meter, melody, harmony—are virtually absent. Thus, the amplified sound of water being swallowed, of a glass breaking or clinking, and of a balloon bursting are excellent sources, as good in their way as a piano or a trombone (Kostelanetz, 1991) John Cage was seen to many people as an innovator and a musical genius. Cage studied for a short time at Pamona College, and later at UCLA with …. (September 5, 1912 – August 12, 1992) was an American composer. He was known for all his antics with music ,and many more pieces John Cage John Cage was an American composer born in Los Angeles on September 5, 1912. John Cage Essay 4284 Words | 18 Pages. John Cage Defined in the 1950s John Cage is considered by many to be the defining voice of avant-garde music throughout the. That Cage should call such a composition “music” is likely what made the piece appealing to a …. In the Sonata we hear a wide range of timbres that can be produced by the prepared piano. (Full name John Milton Cage, Jr.) American poet, composer, essayist, and graphic artist. doctorate program length

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Instead he celebrated the relationship between noise, silence, and vibrations. His professor Arthur Schoenberg once called him "not a composer but an artist.". The timbres generated give you a feeling of the flow of water while others are metallic. .Language was the base of much of John Cage's work in the 1970s and 1980s—language that is meant to be read and spoken without specific pitches (that would, by contrast, make the words song).. Odd Music: John Cage – Water Walk and 4 Minutes 33 Seconds of Silence. 10/25/2012 · John Cage Double Music "I can't understand why people are so frightened of new ideas. He argued for the idea that music is more than conventional idea that follows strict form and limits. Inventive and experimental, Cage was an influential and controversial avant-garde composer of music and poetry 4/13/2013 · John Milton Cage Jr. A pioneer of chance music, electronic music and non-standard use of musical instruments, Cage was one of the leading figures of the post-war avant-garde and, in the opinion of many, the most influential American composer of the 20th century.[1][2] He was also instrumental in the development of modern ….

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professional dental assistant resume template (1912 – 1992) was a lot of things: composer, philosopher, poet, printmaker, amateur mycologist; but he was also a pioneer of chance music, electronic music and non-standard use of musical instruments 6/2/2010 · I. As John Cage strayed from societal norms. As a child he took piano lessons and then studied composition with American composer Adolph Weiss. 3/26/2017 · He has composed music for toy piano. John Cage Jr. Cage, in fact, has not rejected any possibility if that possibility has an intriguing sound. I'm frightened of the old ones." John Cage questioned all music perceptions of the 19 th century.

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